The Rutland County RC Flyers welcome you to our web site! The club enjoys one of the best flying fields in the Northeast, at the site of the old Fair Haven Municipal Airport (Air Park), in Fair Haven, VT.

Join us most Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, weather-permitting. We only ask that you stop at the intersection of Airport Road and the gravel runway, until a club member acknowledges you're there, and waves you in. Once cleared, please proceed slowly down the runway to the pit area. This is to help ensure your safety...and ours.

Although all of us at the RC Flyers share a common love of flying, we have very diverse interests. As such, you're likely to see a mix of electric and gas-powered models, from park flyers to large-scale war birds and civilian aircraft. There are trainers, scale aircraft, gliders, helicopters, and even jets. If you've always wanted to learn to fly, come join us!

We count on the latest available weather information before we pack up our stuff and head to the field. For the latest Fair Haven forecast, you can view or click the weather banner, below. For the latest local RADAR information, click on the RADAR image. The RADAR image will update automatically each time you open this page.

                                 Fun "Mud Fly" 2017 
The Rutland County Flyers Annual Fun Fly is done! What a weekend it was! I would like to first thank all the pilots and their families for making the trek to our little slice of heaven in Fair Haven Vermont, despite the weather 
forecast and the reports from people at the field, you still came. That say's so much about the people involved in this hobby of ours,they are "die-hard" flyers that just do not give up no matter what the situation is! They came from Canada, New Hampshire, New York, and Vermont, Hardy people that just cant get enough comradery and flying with friends, our hats are off to you folks for making our show one of the best!
Though camping conditions were poor to say the least the flying conditions could not have been better! Thanks to Jean-Francois Levesque for the picture above who attended his first (in his own words) "Mud Fly" this year at Fair Haven.

Be sure to check all the pics from our fun fly on the Gallery page here>>>>>>2017 gallery

Shout out to PEG TV for braving the elements to cover our event, they do a great job of promoting our hobby, we greatly appreciate it, and hope to see again next year! Thank you. 

If one picture is worth a million words, then this one is worth a million gallons, because that is about what we got in the way of rain over the course of four days, or at least it seemed that way. Just when we thought we would be ok, the sky would open up again and a deluge of water fell, but it was only during the night, with the exception of a brief shower saturday morning, so like I said,the flying weather was great, camping not so great.

I cannot express enough the determination and tenacity of the Rutland County Flyers RC Club. They knew what they facing with the weather, and met the challenge head on. Club members went above and beyond what is expected of them and they never wavered in the face of adversity. Not once did I ever hear one member regret our decision to carry on with the fun fly. That alone says what a fantastic group of people we have in this club. I'm not gonna mention any names for fear I would forget somebody, but from the officers pre-planning to the tear down crew Sunday afternoon we made it happen. People donating their personal equipment to the show really helped us a tremendous amount, we cannot thank you enough.Members working the flight line, food booth, announcers stand, parking lot, shuttle, registration booth, cameras and publicity, farmers that pulled us out and Hayed the field for us, contest directors and AMA officials, SOMEHOW managed to pull off this great event.Give yourselfs a pat on the back, because you deserve it!

 To me personally, it seems a little sweeter this year knowing what we were facing and knowing that our guest had a great time at our Airshow We did it, and we did it with a style and grace that could only be done by The Rutland County Flyers.

Video of the week

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