Indoor Flying

We don't stop flying when it's too cold for outdoor activities. Each winter, the club sponsors indoor flying at the nearby Rutland Community Center on the old CSJ campus. We have a good showing of enthusiastic pilots, and have a great time! We typically fly on Sunday mornings from 8-10am. Check our calendar for event dates and times.

Swap Meet

Each March, the club hosts an RC aviation swap meet, featuring all sorts of RC goodies. From planes, to servos, batteries, and BNF models, you're sure to find something you absolutely cannot live without! Hey, it's part of the hobby, after all. See our website "Swap Meet" page for details on this year's event.

Annual Fun Fly

The Rutland County RC Flyers host a variety of events on a given year. First and foremost, is our annual Fun Fly, which is a true celebration of model aviation.We invite RC flying enthusiasts from all of New England, neighboring NY State, and even Canada to our event.

Fun Fly Saturday we open our event to the public, and it's a great time for the entire family. We feature all-day flying, a noontime airshow, and even a spectator vote for "best in show!"

Club Picnic

Our annual club picnic typically features a super fun day for club members, their families  and guests to get together, enjoy some terrific flying, and friendship at the airfield. We also enjoy a delicious BBQ lunch, cooked fresh by our special member-chefs, and a variety of donated side dishes, as well. It's truly fun for club members, their families and guests.

We frequently combine our annual picnic with warbirds, so it becomes our own version of "Dinner and a Show!"

Float Flying

These are usually impromptu, short-notice get togethers at nearby Lake Bomoseen, Lake Hortonia, or Lake St. Catherine. Many of our club members own and fly floatplanes, and the activity adds a whole new dimension of fun to a hobby we already enjoy!

Just a note on float flying. Once the enforcement part of the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 goes into effect on March 16th, 2024, pilots will need to comply with the requirements of Remote ID. For area lakes this will mean flying with an approved Remote ID module in your aircraft.

Monthly Club Calendar

Although we already include a calendar-at-a-glance on our home page, this view affords our visitors a look at an entire month. You can use the blue arrow keys to select the month of your choice, or just view the current month's activities.