FAA FRIA Information

Now that the FAA Remote ID part of the Reauthorization Bill of 2018 is in effect, those of us that fly aircraft that are heavy enough to be registered with the FAA need to comply with that law, including Remote ID. Compliance methods can include:

Club FRIA Locations

The club currently has two (2) FRIA locations where you can legally fly your UAS (RC aircraft) without using Remote ID modules. All FAA-approved FRIAs, including the clubs two locations, can be found on the official FAA UAS Data Map. Click on the image, below, to zoom in and pan on the latest available map.


The FRIA map was created using ARC GIS, a CAD-type program that accurately depicts the boundaries of the FRIAs, themselves, not just the location. You can select the types of airspace you wish to view using the map's toolbar, even to the point of using the latest VFR Sectional Chart as a basemap (if you select that option, actually seeing a FRIA is quite challenging. The default view likely gives the best clarity for FRIA locations and identification.

2022-CBO-00201-FRIA (Fair Haven airfield)

2024-CBO-00488-FRIA (Bomoseen)

FAA UAS Data Map: Click image to zoom in and view available FRIA locations.

List of FAA Approved Remote ID Equipment

Click on the link to review the latest list of FAA-approved Remote ID equipment. The list includes both aircraft with built in Remote ID systems, and Remote ID modules, as well.